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Messenger (coming soon)
Connect with your
classmates across campus.
Increase your productivity by studying in a group. With our messenger, you can connect with your peers much more easily without sharing your personal information/social media.
Class Forum
Minimal time
Maximal insight.
With the Forum, you as an instructor can free up time by allowing students to answer each other's questions. No more repetitive emails that the class network could have easily addressed. Centralize all student questions and utilize the student network, all done under the supervision of you and your TA's.
Multiple choice
Take a test
Take the risk.
With multiple choice, you as an instructor can assess your students understanding of each topic. As a result, you can address any gaps in knowledge of your students before its too late. With proper statistics, you can make the best choice on how to teach your class.
Short Answer
Share your ideas
with everyone.
Sometimes a topic can be too complicated to respond with a simple question, and almost impossible for the instructor to hear all the answers. Short Answer allows the class to be linked and facilitates conversations.
Short Question
Let your curiosity
step out.
As an instructor making sure that your students have understood each topic is a crucial part of teaching. Also encouraging students to open up about their lack of understanding is hard. With Short Question we allow students to anonymously ask their questions at the end of each chapter.

What do people say?

Patrick Butler - Cosumnes...


I am new to all technologies that are used at the classroom. But I tried CliQ in a few classes to see if it would make any difference. I am surprised at how helpful this platform was at increasing the levels of interaction and participation from the students. I noticed an improvement in the students’ understanding of all the material taught throughout the class.
Dr Oscar David K... - UC Davis

Loved It!

This app is very simple and easy to use, this app allows me to hear what every student thinks about each topic. I can assess all of my students after going through a new topic so I can figure out if there are any parts that they didn't fully understood. The multiple choice is a great way to check students attendance for my classroom.
Caesar Hoyos Al... - UC Davis


It's so so easy to use this app and I loved the design of this whole platform. my students loved using this app at our classroom. short answer and short question allows them to ask questions that would have never asked. I realized now that students barely tell us the professors where they are stuck.
Start your journey.